RESCUE3™ Whitewater Canyon Technician WCT-PRO, 3 Days


This is a new, internationally recognized course suitable for all private and professional canyoners including SOA Guide 1 and 2 aspirants as well as members of canyoning rescue squads, who wish for a comprehensive water rescue training specially designed for the canyoning environment. In a aquatic canyon or in high water conditions, you not only need your standard rope skills, but even more importantly the hydrological knowledge and skill set in order to keep yourself and your group safe. In the course, we learn the basics of rescue theory and emergency management, canyon hydrology including flash flood awareness, whitewater swimming, fast and precise risk analysis and a safe and efficient application of basic river rescue techniques all tailored to be used in an canyon environment. The goal for the successful participants is to be able to know the basics of whitewater swimming and hydrology as well as being aware of the inherent hazards and the respective precautions and rescue techniques.
The course ends with an assessment and the internationally recognised certificate of the Whitewater Rescue Technician Canyon (WRTC).
The certificate is valid for 3 years. Recertification courses are CHF 100 cheaper


Ticino, Region Biasca/Bellinzona


480.- CHF (excl. food, transport and accommodation)


Course 1: 19.05.-21.05.2019
Course 2: 26.08.-28.08.2019
more dates upon request...

Course information

Whitewater Canyon Technician WCT-PRO