SAFE Canyoning, 3 Days


Suitable for all recreational canyoners who wish for a comprehensive training in this very versatile sport. The course includes all of the rope techniques used in the SOA canyoning courses, whitewater swimming and rescue, safety and incident management, planning of canyoning tours and meterology. Therefore it also qualifies as a preparation course for the SOA canyoning courses. The goal for the successful participants is to be able to plan and execute canyoning tours safely and independently. This course is created only for people with already existing canyoning experience and with their own personal equipment! If you have no experience at all, we recommend a canyoning trip with Ticino Adventures or the 2-day Ticino Trip with Outdoor Interlaken as a starting point.


Ticino, Region Biasca


550.- CHF (excl. Food, Transport and Accommodation)


Course 1: 26.-28.07.2019
Course 2: 23.-25.08.2019
Course 3: 13.-15.09.2019

Course information

SAFE Canyoning (German)