Swiftwater Swimming Basic Awareness

Water is a wonderful element. As soon as it starts to flow, though, there is certain rules and dangers involved. Knowing about them is key for being save and enjoying the swim in the rivers of switzerland. Aiming at anyone, who wants to learn about basic hydrology, swimming techniques and dangers of moving water. Practical swimming in moving water (WW I-II).
No prior knowledge apart from swimming skills needed.
Minimum age 12 years.

-->Course Content: Swiftwater Basic Awareness (German)


Schools, Students, Tourists, Rescue Personel, Lifeguards, Families, Boaters, recreational Swimers


220.- CHF (Transport not included)

Where and when?

Usually, these type of courses are held on the bigger rivers of Switzerland like the Aare, the Reuss or the Rhein. For any requests or more info about the courses, please contact us directly. We would love to come and teach a course at your local river at the desired dates.

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